Rusfre undercoating 

Is a rubberized, chemically formulated, effective rust preventive; contains bound fibers for bonding to prevent chipping, cracking, and peeling, sprays evenly, effectively and sound deadens. Reinforced fibers and Rust inhibitors no asbestos.  When we apply the Rusfre, we spray in a heated spray booth and mask off the exhaust, the brakes and rotors, and all opponents that should not be sprayed.  When sprayed it sprays in a black color only.

fluid film

The Fluid Film, or more precisely Fluid Film undercoating, is a type of preventive lubricant, which can help your truck to avoid corrosion and rust damages. Offered by the renowned brand, Fluid Film, this product has been made with Lanolin-based formula, which can keep the metallic parts of your vehicle well lubricated. 

Hence, if you apply this undercoating product on your vehicle on a daily basis, it can stop the corrosive effects of pesticides, salt, and humid weather quite effectively. In addition, as the product is solvent-free and non-drying, it will not affect your automobile’s paint and gorgeousness in any way.

wool wax

WOOLWAX is a lanolin based auto / truck undercoating made from raw WOOLWAX. WOOLWAX has almost no smell. The wool grease odor has been neutralized by a proprietary additive. WOOLWAX sprays on wet and does not dry out. WOOLWAX creates a thin lanolin film barrier to keep moisture and oxygen away from the base metal. * Solvent free. Environmentally friendly. * Always active and creeping into inaccessible areas. WOOLWAX will thicken to a gel film after applied and is very resistant to wash off. * Provides vehicle undercarriage protection for a full season. * Enclosed areas (doors, frame-rails, rocker-panels, etc., that are not exposed to road-wash will be protected indefinitely (years). This is the advantage of no solvents. There is nothing to dry up and evaporate. WOOLWAX is a "honey" color, but when applied appears fairly clear. WOOLWAX is a very clean product as opposed to messy black products. WOOLWAX is a non-drip formula. We make it to be as thick as possible to resist wash-off, yet still easily sprayable. WOOLWAX can be applied with most undercoating guns using a pressure of 70-90 psi. Proudly manufactured in U.S.A. WOOLWAX lanolin undercoating is formulated to be more resistant to wash-off. 


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Undercoating prep

Under coating rear end view

Undercoating Front End

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